Working as a Personal Assistant (PA)

What does being a PA involve?

A PA is a carer who works privately for a disabled or older person, so that they are in control of who works for them and how they are supported. A PA can help with all sorts of daily tasks at home, including domestic tasks, personal care, shopping, sorting out paperwork and can also support their employer to get out and about.



How to find work as a PA

Simply register as a PA on and start to build your profile. By working your way through the profile questions you can say all you want to about you and the skills and experience you have to offer. Make sure you complete all the required fields, otherwise your profile will not be visible on the website or appear in searches.

Make sure you are noticed!

The ‘more about me’ section is your opportunity to make your profile personal and catch the attention of the employer. Make sure your profile is always up to date and if you find a job, make sure you change your status to ‘not looking’. If you are a PA, and you do not log in for 4 weeks, you will automatically be switched to ‘not looking’ so make sure you log in regularly.

More information can be found here.