The Grants scheme is closed for 2019 due to all funds being allocated. New requests will be welcome from 1st April 2020

KCIL is seeking to help fund items that are designed specifically for disabled or older people to help overcome a particular impairment. This could include, for example, a manual wheelchair, bath board, talking clock or watch, or standard domestic equipment to support everyday activities and improve wellbeing, such as an electric tin opener or vacuum cleaner.

In order to apply, you must:

  • Be a paid up KCIL member. If you are not already a KCIL member, you can submit your membership form at the same time as your grant application.
  • Live in the Royal Borough of Kingston
  • Have a long term and substantial health condition and/or impairment that is likely to last – or has lasted – twelve months or more, which severely affects daily life. “Impairment” includes people with mobility and sensory impairments, learning disabilities, communication and mental health difficulties and other invisible impairments
  • Be able to show how the equipment will make a difference to your life
  • Provide evidence of the cost of the equipment you are wishing to buy and a copy of the final bill.
  • Be in receipt of disability-related benefits.

Applicants must

  • Provide evidence of the cost of the equipment they are wishing to buy. This could be in the form of a letter from the person/organisation selling the equipment.
  • Not make an application if you have already paid in full for your item of equipment.
  • Only make one application in any 12 months period.

Applications will be considered by a grants panel once a month.

All applications are subject to the availability of funds (we cannot guarantee to fully fund all applications) and receipt of a completed application form with supporting documents.

Please note that, due to financial restraints, KCIL can only offer financial support towards one piece of equipment and cannot fund major alterations to your home or towards the building of ramps to assist access to homes. Funding for this type of work may be available through a Disabilities Facilities Grant.

Download an application form

If you have any queries, please contact Robert Reilly on 020 8546 9603 or

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