What is Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Brokerage?

A Personal Budget (PB) is made up of funding currently paid to:

  • meet the social care needs of the child or young person with SEND
  • meet their continuing care health needs, and
  • meet their educational needs (this is the top-up amount only, that is the amount above the initial £6000 funding awarded to the school to support a child/young person with SEND.)

These budgets can be combined and the way they are spent altered if the young person and their family feel their needs can be better met in other ways.


How we can help

If you live in the Royal Borough of Kingston or the London Borough of Richmond, the young person and their family are offered the support of a KCIL broker (support worker) to initially:

  • develop a strong support plan
  • cost the proposed plan out

And, once approved:

  • carry out the plan
  • monitor expenditure

Who can get a Personal Budget?

Anyone who receives funding currently allocated to children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).