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Bright pink azaleas

The sun is shining, well, most of the time, so thoughts go to getting outside. First in KCIL’s (irregular) new series on accessible places to go in Kingston Borough and beyond is Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park.

Isabella Plantation is a 40-acre woodland garden planted by the Victorians in the 1830s. It is famous for its blooming azaleas, which make the garden a riot of colour in late April and early May. Even when out of peak azalea season, the garden has something to offer every season, with burbling streams, mirror-like ponds and stunning foilage.

Over the past few years, Isabella Plantation has made significant improvements in accessibility. With an accessible toilet block opened by some familiar faces a few years ago. There are also improved path surfaces and more benches to sit on. Visit Isabella Plantation’s Visitor Information page for an access map of accessible walking routes through the gardens.

The opening of the accessible toilet block in Isabella Plantation
KCIL members and staff open the accessible toilet block in Isabella Plantation

Isabella Plantation can be easily accessed from the disabled car park, just in front of the gardens. The Plantation can also be reached by the free RP1 bus service, which runs on Wednesdays between 20 April and 26 October 2022.

KCIL will be visiting Isabella Plantation on Thursday, 26 May, meeting in the disabled car park at 11 am. To join us for our stroll, please get in touch with the team on 020 8546 9603 or email [email protected], so that we know to expect you and can let you know if there is a last-minute change of plan due to weather.

Isabella Plantation trip poster, 'join KCIL for an accessible walk through Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park

What’s your favourite accessible place in the Kingston area and beyond? Get in touch and let us know.

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