Support for disabled people during the cost of living crisis

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There has been a fall in ‘real’ disposable household income in the UK since late 2021 (household income after it has been adjusted for inflation, taxes and benefits). Rising fuel and food costs have overtaken wage and benefit increases and have been exacerbated by recent tax increases. Disabled people are already more likely to live in food and fuel poverty than non-disabled people, and the cost of living crisis will worsen the situation.

The links below contain sources of help and advice in this current situation. 

Cost of Living Crisis – get help with energy and care costs – Inclusion London – an article with helpful links and advice.

Disability Energy Support Service – a telephone and email advice service provided by Scope. Telephone appointments are currently fully booked, but new appointments will be released at the end of May.

Cost of Living Advice and Support from Citizens Advice Kingston – a helpful web page with advice, plus a contact form if you would like further support.

Cost of Living advice from Kingston council

Money Matters – useful links from Connected Kingston

Help with the cost of living – advice from the London Assembly.

KCIL recognises that digital exclusion can further increase the difficulties in finding support.

Please get in touch with the KCIL team on 020 8546 9603 if you or the person you are supporting requires assistance in accessing any of the information we’ve listed above.

Inclusion London is calling for the government to support Disabled people during this crisis. Support the campaign by writing to your MP through The Action Network website.

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