Five Boredom Busting Disability News Stories

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Looking for an internet rabbit hole to dive down into as we get into that time of year where every day feels like Sunday? Let KCIL lead the way.

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First up, we have Rita Ebel, a 62-year-old wheelchair user from Germany. Rita was fed up that many of the shops in her home town of Hanau were not accessible. So she came up with a solution involving LEGO, that’s right, LEGO wheelchair ramps. Although not strictly legally wheelchair ramps (they’re too steep), Rita and others have found them helpful, and they’re so colourful they’ve become a tourist attraction! Find out in this article from Ability Magazine.

Next is TV to watch out for in 2022. When Barbara Met Alan is a factual drama about the direct action campaign that led to significant gains in Britain’s battle for disabled civil rights. Learn more about this must-watch here.

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Yayoi Kusama’s latest exhibition at Tate Modern is probably one of London’s most in-demand exhibitions. Tickets are released in batches and sell out very quickly. However, you can still glimpse Kusama’s amazing work through a video on the Tate Modern website. Learn about how both her mental health and her experience as a Japanese female artist in a largely white, male-dominated world in the 1960s influenced her work.

Has Rose Ayling-Ellis’s success in Strictly inspired you to find out about more deaf dancers? Click on this BBC News article.

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And finally, if you’re not a regular viewer of CBeebies, you will have missed that popular guest presenter George Webster has been made permanent! George is the first CBeebies presenter with Down’s Syndrome; find out more on Disability Horizons here.

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