KCIL Coffee Morning – the switch from net Direct Payments to gross Direct Payments

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KCIL would like to invite Direct Payment users in the borough of Kingston, to the rescheduled Direct Payment Users Online Coffee Morning, 11.00 Wednesday 31 March.  

We will be discussing the change from net Direct Payments to gross Direct Payments, which will be happening from June 2021.

A ‘net’ Direct Payment means that RBK deducts your contributions before it is paid to you. A ‘gross’ Direct Payment means that RBK pays the full Direct Payment to you and charges contributions separately.

Illustration with the letters RBK on the left, underneath which is a portion of the pound symbol, then an arrow, then the word You, with the rest of the pound symbol underneath. With the text underneath reading 'A net Direct Payment means that RBK takes away your contribution to your support costs before they pay you the money'
Illustration, on the left is the word RBK, underneath which is a pound sign, there is then an arrow pointing right, leading to the word 'You', with the pound sign split into two pieces, then another arrow pointing right, with the word 'RBK' and the small piece of the split pound symbol. The text underneath reads 'A gross Direct Payment means that RBK pay the full cost of your support to you, and then asks for your part of the cost of support separately'
Basic illustration of a group of people, underneath is the text 'A large number of people already receive the money for their support as gross Direct Payments. For these people, nothing will change'

RBK tells us that their reviews have found that DP holders spend a lot of time working out the remittance advice slips and adjusting contributions into their DP account. If DP holders don’t pay in the correct amount, there is often a shortfall or overpayments that need to be adjusted. RBK will do this for you, resulting in an invoice/deduction for contributions separately so that you do not have to worry about adjusting contributions or the calculations it involves. 

Basic illustration of a person with a question mark over their head, next to text that says 'With the existing method, Direct Payment holders had to spend a lot of time working out how much money they had to pay into their DP account. They may end up overpaying or underpaying. With the proposed method, RBK works out the amount you have to pay'
Basic illustration of a care and support plan, the text underneath reads 'You can find out how much money you will receive in your care and support plan. If you do not have a copy of your support plan, please contact your allocated worker to ask for this.'

Melvyn Narraidoo from Kingston Council will be at the coffee morning to explain more and answer any questions. If you would like to submit your questions in advance, please let us know by emailing [email protected].

You can book a free ticket for this event through Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/kcil-online-coffee-morning-the-change-from-net-dp-to-gross-dp-tickets-146731053531

Speech bubbles which say 'RBK say that the change will lead to improved service for DP holders and their allocated workers' 'The remittance advice slips will be simple and easy to understand' 'DP holders can decide to change to a managed service or have a mixed service with smoother transition' 'DP monitoring/reviews will be faster' 'Changes in contributions will not affect the payments for your support'

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Update (April 2021)

See below for the recording of our coffee morning.

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