Recruiting a PA

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KCIL can support you to find a PA/carer. 

Preparing a job advert

KCIL can help you think about when you would like the PA to work and what you would like the PA to do. We ask a series of questions that help us put together a job advert. We then check that you are happy with the advert before placing the advert on the job sites where we advertise. You can find examples of our current job adverts here.

Placing the job advert

KCIL advertises PA jobs on Facebook JobsFind a Job and our website. We also sometimes advertise elsewhere, such as Indeed and Kingston University Jobs.

Receiving applications

KCIL will receive the applications and pass on those that match your requirements.


Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, KCIL cannot help with face to face interviews. However, we can support you with interviews using video call software such as Zoom, Facetime or Google Meet.
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