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KCIL and in particular Joanne, have been really helpful, the patience has paid off. Well done and thank you for all you do – the service is invaluable

I would like to show my appreciation to KCIL staff especially to both Jo Stafferton and Amelia who I have been dealing with lately to arrange PAs for my elderly mother. Thank you very much Jo and Amelia.

In December 2021, KCIL ran a giveaway competition for tickets to see Beauty and the Beast at the Rose Theatre. We received this lovely message from one of the competition winners.

“Me and my 13 years son (a wheelchair user) went to see Beauty and the Beast on 28 December.

On arrival, we were escorted to our seats, where there was enough room for his wheelchair. Although the theatre was busy, we had enough space to keep our distance from other people, so we felt safe from catching Covid-19.

We enjoyed the show immensely.

My son, who is non-verbal and hardly smiles, smiled when they sang. It meant a lot to me.

Me and my son are very grateful for the opportunity to watch the performance. Also, it was a lovely break for me as well away from the caring duties.

I would like to thank you for KCIL for arranging the tickets for us.”

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