Personal Budgets Pathway

Part three: Set up and monitoring

Icons representing the steps of the pathway
Icons representing the steps of the pathway

Separate bank account

The family and/or the young person must open a separate bank account.

The bank account must be completely separate with no overdraft or any other banking activity.

The AfC Bank details form (Vendor/Client form) is completed by the family and sent by KCIL SEND Support Team to the relevant SEND finance team member.

Icons representing the steps of the pathway

Payments are made termly

The annual sum of money will be paid to into the separate personal budget account by SEND finance on a Termly basis. The payment schedule will be detailed in the personal budget direct payment agreement. 

Icons representing the steps of the pathway

Termly monitoring

Families must keep clear records of how the money received has been spent and allow KCIL and AfC to look at these records on a termly basis or within 31 days if requested.

Families will be expected to send bank statements and invoices to KCIL SEND Support Team as part of termly monitoring.

Icons representing the steps of the pathway

Point of contact

KCIL SEND Support Team will continue to act as a point of contact for support with the personal budget.

Any issues will be brought up at the Termly update meetings with KCIL SEND Support Team and AfC SEND Team Managers.

Upcoming Annual Reviews of those with personal budgets will be highlighted and dates planned together.

Icons representing the steps of the pathway

Annual review

During the Annual Review any underspend is recouped or forward amended. Any changes brought up by the Annual Review will be explored.

If any major changes are needed then this will return to the SEND panel.

If Annual Review suggests continuation of the personal budget the EHCP Coordinator will seek agreement from SEND Team Managers and the Personal Budget financial paperwork will be updated.

The Personal Budget can also be closed at this point.

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