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The majority of the KCIL Team are remote working during this time, please call 0208 546 9603 and your call will be diverted.

Alternatively email: enquiries@kcil.org.uk and we will deal with your enquiry
Photo of Jason Lamont

Jason Lamont

Chief Executive Officer

Availability: Monday to Friday


Tel: 020 8481 1444  
Photo of Robert Reily

Robert Reilly

Office Manager

Availability: Monday to Friday


Tel: 020 8546 9603
Photo of John Morris

John Morris

DP Support – Team Manager

Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday


Tel: 020 8481 1445

Helen Green

SEND Support Broker

Availability: Monday to Friday


Tel: 020 8481 1445
Photo of Amelia Berreen

Amelia Berreen

Senior Independent Living Advisor

Availability: Monday to Thursday


Tel: 020 8481 1446

Maria Keskes

DP Monitoring Officer

Availability: Tuesday to Friday


Tel: 020 8481 1440
photo of Jo Stafferton

Jo Stafferton

Recruitment and Engagement Advisor

Availability: Monday to Friday


Tel: 020 8481 1442

James Bassett

Access Facilitator

Availability: Tuesday to Thursday


Tel: 020 8546 9603

Photo of Phil Levick

Phil Levick

Participation Advisor

Availability: Wednesday to Friday


Tel: 020 8481 1447
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